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This post is dedicated to Missee A. and Jason & Alicia T. – the cleverest prankstars [sic] I’ve collaborated with, and been pranked by… You three belong in the Pranking Hall of Fame, if only there was such a thing.

While I’m not necessarily one to celebrate April Fools’ Day, I am a big fan of pranking in general. I admit that I’m not an expert, but I’ve been on both ends of several clever pranks over the years. I personally enjoy being the victim of a well-executed prank – it makes life interesting, right?! And it is quite satisfying to successfully pull off a prank.

My brand of pranking (and thus – take note – the pranks I would have done unto me) involves nothing too nasty, messy, frightening, annoying or humiliating. I will never stoop to anything involving peanut butter, plastic wrap, or a device known as the EvilTron. (Jason, I’m looking at you!)

Having been the victim of several clever pranks, I personally think that the highlight is the moment of surprise, followed by bewilderment. The What?! Who?! How?! That is the moment to shoot for when devising a prank. These kinds of pranks make the best stories, ones that will be told for years to come.

I’ve learned that some people find no humor in being pranked. Respect that. Pranking them is a waste of creative energy, and no one will be happy in the end. I don’t want someone upset with me over a stupid prank. The best reaction I’ve gotten to a prank, and the reaction that I aim for is, “Wow! I was having a bad week, but you just made it better!” Choose wisely whom you prank.

To summarize, Kristen’s Rules of Pranking: 
1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
2. Or at least how they would have you do unto them…
3. Focus on the moment of bewilderment.
4. Consider what kind of story the prank will make.
5. Don’t prank anyone who doesn’t want to be pranked.
6. Aim for a positive reaction; aim to build up and not tear down.

I’ve written a little bit about pranks I’ve been victim to here and here.

While playing solo pranks is fun, collaborating with others is so much better.

In college, Missee and I were a force to be reckoned with. Well, I guess that’s up to our victims to decide, but we had some tricks up our sleeves and played off each other quite well.

Our signature prank was The Expired Textbook Drop-Off. We’d pick up stacks of free expired textbooks, write our victim’s name inside along with their contact info and the year, and then place them all over campus. Imagine their confusion when they started receiving calls that someone found their chemistry textbook.

Victim: “I’m not taking chemistry…”
Caller: “This is such-and-such, right?”
Victim: “Well, yeah, that’s me…”
Caller: “Do you want to pick the book up, or should I swing by your room?”
Victim: “Like I said, that’s not my book!”
Caller: “Um… OK?”

Our victims ended up receiving a small percentage of the books we distributed. It may have been slightly annoying, but it was mostly harmless. (No one wanted those expired textbooks, anyway. At least they were good for something, right?!)

Jason and Alicia, a couple in my Bible study, are also pranksters. We’ve collaborated on a couple pranks, and they were the masterminds behind the Christmas Card Prank of ’11, which people are still asking me about, more than a year later. (If you’re thinking of duplicating that prank, do know that there is a code on the back of photo greetings that can be traced…)

I’ve been the victim of a number of unsolved pranks. To this day, I don’t know who did this to my car:

Don't worry, I didn't.

Don’t worry, I didn’t.

After this gummy message was left on my car, there was a little wave of copycat crimes amongst the members of my Bible study. I was gummied three times that winter; the final time was with gummy spiders.

A note to the anonymous prankster: Confession is a good thing, and it’s nice to get the recognition you deserve. 😉 Another couple in my Bible study know this; they recently confessed to the gummy spiders, almost a year after it happened. (Yes, yes I do have a few unconfessed pranks of my own. But no, I have never done the whole lick-n-stick gummy candy thing, and don’t plan to.)


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