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May 1st: Achilles arrival

May 1st: Achilles arrival

Happy February 93rd, as they’re saying around here. We had a record-setting snowfall to begin the month of May. The totals around here were 15″-18″, which is one of the biggest snowfalls that I can remember–anytime of year!

What a serene scene...

What a serene scene…

When everyone else is complaining, I look to my friend Reagan for some cheering up. She may be the last person I know who’s still revelling the snow…

Cheery Hill

May 2nd: Cheery Hill

If we wear the winters we weather like badges, then I will wear this one with pride. I imagine years from now, we’ll still be talking about the Spring of ’13. And the May Blizzard will go down in history just like the Halloween Ice Storm of ’91, the European Heat Wave of ’03, and the Great Flood of ’10. [I like to think about that scorching summer spent in Spain on days like this.]

May 3rd: Snow is falling again!

May 3rd: Snow is falling again!

I’m not going to commit to a photo a day, but I’ll try to post some photos as I believe, hope, and expect that we will finally see spring by the end of the month. With a late May birthday, it’s the #1 wish on my list. 😉


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Well, I did it. I committed, on a whim, to taking a photo every day in March to document the transformation of winter to spring in Minnesota. Little did I know that it would be the coldest March that I’ve ever experienced, or that we were in for consecutive bizzards. Winter just would not give in without a fight.

But here we are on the first day of April, and I’d guess that more than 85% of March’s snow is gone. The high in the Cities was 35° F and the Twins’ home opener was this afternoon. (They lost.) As I heard on the radio this morning, “Bundle up and go to the game. You’re Minnesotans, you can do it!” It might have been the coldest home opener ever.

I still plan to post occasional, but not daily, photos of this Minnesota spring.

Since April is National Poetry month, I’ll leave you with a poem I came across a few years ago.

Myra Cohn Livingston

Spring skips lightly
On a thin crust of snow,
Pokes her fragrant fingers
In the ground far below,
Searches for the sleeping seeds
Hiding in the cracked earth,
Sticks a straw of sunshine down
And whispers words to grow:
O seed
And root,
Send forth a tiny shoot!

Spring brings out her baseball bat,
Swings it through the air,
Pitches bulbs and apple blossoms,
Throws them where it’s bare,
Catches dogtooth violets,
Slides to meadowsweet,
Bunts a breeze and tags the trees
With green buds everywhere.
O April,
March and May,
Come watch us at our play!

Spring pipes at the peeper frogs,
mocks the mockingbird,
Hears a ring of harebells,
A mourning dove’s soft word,
Bubbles with stream waters,
Splatters with warm rain,
Listens to the rustling
A wakening breeze has stirred.
O Laugh
And sing,
Give welcome to Spring!

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March 31st:

March 31st: Happy Easter! (View from Flora Hill, Take 2)

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March 30th: Hello, Spring!

March 30th: Hello, Spring!

Is it just me, or does this look like a hand reaching out of the cold ground, in search of spring? 😉

The robins are back and the bats are awake! The snow is melting and temps were in the 50s yesterday! Several of my neighbors were out enjoying the sunshine when I came home from work last night. Things are looking up…

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March 29th:

March 29th: Reflections on Good Friday

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March 28th:

March 28th: It’s still a little too early for this…

I stopped at the bagel shop for lunch. All of the tables were occupied, so I thought this was a good alternative. Maybe in theory, but 39 degrees isn’t quite warm enough for enjoying lunch at the park, at least in a lightweight raincoat. (I probably should have brought firewood for the fireplace in the pavilion… ;))

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March 27th

March 27th
“Once torched by truth…a little thing like faith is easy.”
-Leif Enger, Peace Like a River

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